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Belfort Tourisme
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Monsieur le Président de Belfort Tourisme

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Belfort Tourisme authorise the creation of hypertext links redirecting to their pages as long as:

  • The links are not created using deep linking so the link’s activation can leave no doubt as to the address of the visited website and appears in a separate browser window to the original window.
  • The links are not related to websites of a discriminatory, racist, pornographic, xenophobic or paedophilic character or which could cause offence.

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Errors may occur despite the care taken to protect the integrity of uploaded information and documents. Belfort Tourisme cannot be held responsible for unforeseen errors.

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None of your personal information is stored. No personal information is provided to third parties. As per the French Data Protection Act, you reserve the right to access, amend and delete any personal data and object to data handling. To exercise your right, please write to:
Belfort Tourisme
2 bis rue Clemenceau 90000 Belfort
Tel : +33 (0)3 84 55 90 90

Applicable law
The website, terms and conditions are governed by French legislation no matter where the website is used or logged on to. In the event of potential disputes and following failed attempts to find an amicable solution, the French courts alone shall handle the dispute.